Experiential Learning Programs for Banking

How do you train for the unthinkable?

Experiential learning scenarios prepare your employees for situations you can’t teach from a book.

Imagine a note slides across your teller counter…

It may be a high stakes situation.


Put all your cash

in this bag.

Are your employees trained to successfully:

  • Know in what situation they should sound an alarm?
  • Keep the note?
  • Remember what the purpertrator was wearing?
  • What did they touch?
  • Were there visible tattoos?
  • Was there a gun? What type?
  • Remember any speech patterns? Height? Eye color? Clothing?
  • Did they leave on foot/ driving?

Virtual Reality Training

  • Uses experiential learning to teach at an instinctual level
  • Produces predictable learning, by mirroring reality and requiring deep involvement.
  • Creates engaging training programs that will increase retention and decrease employee turnover

Abstract offers a variety of interactive training modules including:

  • High Stakes training
  • Customer Service
  • OFAC Procedures
  • Counterfeit Training
  • Check Endorsement Training
  • Identifying Elder Abuse
  • Dealing with Suspicious Activity/Red Flags
  • Confidentiality
  • Interviewing Techniques

Maximize your training analytics

Our backend, HUBxr, connects quantatitive training metrics into your LMS so detailed reports and verification of training are at your fingertips.

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