ALPS sits at the intersection of business and technology. We specialize in the sale of solutions spanning Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cybersecurity and data Governance/Compliance. Put simply, we create value by leveraging network effects that accelerate powerful buyer/seller interactions.

ALPS was founded by a Big 4 Partner in 2017. Our founder’s vision was to recruit experienced sellers who knew how to deal with experienced buyers. Across the globe, ALPS now employs a network of 70 “ALPS Advisors” with average professional tenures of nearly 30 years. That’s 70 mature professional networks under one umbrella. It’s the reason why we’re trusted advisors to > 100 SMB and large enterprise clients and it’s the reason why our technology vendors regard us as close partners.


We work with vendors that offer solutions whose market adoption we regard as inevitable. Sometimes referred to as “non-negotiable technology,” it’s an important distinction, as our trusted advisor status depends on it. Bottomline, we align our client-companies’ business objectives with the right technology vendors and/or we align our technology vendors’ sales objectives with qualified demand. ALPS either owns the sales cycle from start to finish or coordinates its efforts with client sales and marketing management. Regardless, we remain engaged throughout the sales process, including post-sale customer success. We become members of your team and act accordingly.


Technology-based solution success is ultimately a function of distribution. Whether you’re a venture capital firm looking for ways to test a market, an early-stage company looking to accelerate sales development or an established company seeking expedited entry to a specific vertical, investigating a relationship with ALPS makes sense. If there’s a fit, it’s obvious. When that happens, we can be counted on to rapidly build a well-qualified sales pipeline and close new business.


We offer different programs at different price points. All arrangements include a retainer and a commission/success fee. For budgetary purposes, our services approximate the fully loaded monthly cost of one successful FTE salesperson.

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